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Recoil Systems


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The Recoil System

(1) You pull the breech bolt back compressing a spring


(2) The trigger sear catches on to a hole in the breech bolt locking the breach bolt in place


(3) Whatever feeding system youre using places a bullet into the barrel so that it can be shot


(4) When the trigger is pulled the breech bolt is released and the bolt drives forward hitting the bullet.


(5) When the bolt is fired forward it hits a pare of springs in front of it.


(6) When the bolt hits the front spring it gets shot backward recompressing the spring behind the bolt


(7) To eject the bullet shell there is a slider that is loose on the top of the bolt that can slide forward and backwards.


(8) When the bolt is fired forward to hit the primer it comes to a sudden stop. Following the same principal that if you are not wearing a seat belt and the car stops suddenly then you go flying forward. Following this principal, the ejector slides forward and grabs onto the widened rim around the shell.


(9) When the Bolt is pushed back the ejector carries the shell back with it.


(10) As the bolt slides backwards it activates the ejection system. The ejection system grabs onto the shell and throws it out of an ejection port that is usually on the top or the bottom of the gun.


(11) After all this is done the feeding system loads in a new cartridge to be fired so that it can repeat this process over again.


(12) If the trigger is released then the trigger sear will catch a hold of the hole in the bolt so that the process isnt repeated.