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Gatling gun


The Gatling gun was the first machine gun to be popular in armies. The gun has about 10 separate barrels which were all placed in a Cylinder. Each barrel has its own breech and firing pin system. For the gun to shoot, you turn a crank which makes the barrels rotate. When the barrel passes under the top of the cylinder, a bullet cartridge falls into the barrel from the carrousel magazine and the barrel is loaded.

       Each firing pin has a small head cam that grabs on to a slanted groove in the body of the gun. As the barrels are rotating around the cylinder the groove gets pushed backwards on the slanted groove compressing a spring. Soon after the new bullet is loaded into the breach the spring slides out and shoots forward hitting the bullet cartridge thus causing the bullet to fire forward. After the bullet is shot, the empty case is left. This gets removed when the barrel gets the bottom of the cylinder. There the bullet case falls out of the same hole that the bullet got in by. The barrel is then empty ready for the next shot.


In modern day gatling guns you don't have to turn a crank. The guns are electronic so that when you pull the trigger the barrel's spin. Because the guns are electronic, the are only used on helicopters, jets, tanks, or jeeps.

A U.S. airman fires a GAU-17 mini-gun from a UH-1 Huey during training exercises in Australia.