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The Revolver

The revolver was invented by Samual Colt in the 1840's. For how well the gun worked it was a very simple design. The gun had a revolving ammunition cylinder where the bullets were stored and after each shot the clylinder would slide to the next round. The gun allowed the user to have 6 rounds up and ready to go that could be fired one right after the other. This made loading very difficult but once you loaded it you could fire repeatedly. At first, after each shot you had to cock the hammer back but improvements were made so that when you pulled the trigger it would cock back the hammer which would then release and punch the cap. Also, with out the revolver, bullet cartriges would have been invented much later. With bullet cartiges the user could place a bullet which contained a cap, a propellant, and a bullet. This allowed the useer to make the loading even easier. With out these machine guns and many other kinds of guns wouldn't have been invented.



                             SEQUENCE OF A REVOLVER SHOT

()  When the trigger is pulled the trigger lever pushes back the hammer


()  As the hammer moves backwards the hammer compresses a metal spring in the Handel which is also known as the Gun Stock.


()  At the same time as this is going on a pawl that is attached to the trigger pushes on a ratchet to rotate the cylinder.


()  Another Pawl Lodges in a depression in the cylinder. This keeps the bullet lined up so it may be fired


()  When the trigger is all the way back the hammer is released.


()  The spring in the Gun Stock fires the hammer forward. The pin at the tip on the hammer shoots through the body of the gun and hits the premier (cap).


()  The premier explodes igniting the propellant (gunpowder)


()  The propellant burns releasing a large volume of gas. The pressure of the gas on the bullet is more than the pressure of the air on the bullet. Thus a bullet is shot down the barrel.


()  The shooter can repeat this for as many shots are in the cylinder. Once all 6 or how ever many bullets are in the cylinder have been fired. The shooter must reload.




()  The shooter pulls the cylinder out.


()  The shooter then pulls all of the bullet cases (shells) out. Modern day revolvers have an easier way of removing shells. They have an extractor so you have to push one little rod and all the shells come out.


()  To reload the shooter puts in the bullets and then pushes the cylinder back in. You can also put the bullets in together with a speed loader. A speed loader is a ring that connects all the bullets together so that they can all be loaded at once.




()  In double-action revolvers, the shooter can cock the hammer back before he fires the shot if he wants to. The advantage of this is that the bullet can be released quicker and the trigger is easier to pull.